Irina’s Statement

As an artist, I am primarily interested in ideas, particularly ideas that have direct relevance to contemporary life. My interest in contemporary technology proceeds from that, as I find it impossible to deal with the contemporary issues without reference to contemporary technology. I am not a formalist or a purist. I am not interested in making art about the impact of new media on contemporary art practice.

I start with an idea and then look for a mode of representation that fits conceptually. As artists, it is tempting to slip into the comfortable (self-righteous) position of providing such a verdict, and indeed it is important that we have an opinion. My solution to this is to be compromised; to allow myself the space within the work to enjoy what I criticize. Just because something is bad, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

As I strive to move forward in my work I am trying to understand and express things. I am constantly looking for the balance between the abstract quality of a satisfying paint stroke verses the accumulation of paint strokes that add up the visual expression and hopefully then to some kind of an emotional experience for who ever stops to look.

Keeping my work fresh, I have found, is a challenge. I have found that what used to seem to be a limited resource is, in fact, quite limitless.

The more I paint, the more options for paintings are opened up.

Irina Ruth R.

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