Semion’s Statement

I have been a sculptor all of my life.

The more I do, the more difficult I find it to explain what sculpture is.

For me, sculpture is the combination of all medias. This is right, and, on the other hand, wrong. The whole of sculpture is greater than its parts. Sculpture is the full reflection of our lives.

I have been creating figurative sculpture for over 35 years, and I could have done it all of my life. The plasticity of a human’s body is boundless. However, in recent years my interests have expanded to the relationship between the figure and the nature surrounding it.

I do not trust in apocalypses’ forecasts. The human being is a part of nature, and what is created by hands by a person should co-exist in harmony with nature. I believe in the possibility of the human’s sensible and harmonious integration with nature.

In my latest works the dominant materials are steel and bronze. Stainless steel, for me, represents a human aspect, and bronze personifies nature.  The cold, shiny stainless steel dictates a certain approach. It calls for something geometrically strict with a rigid silhouette and sharp sides.

Bronze is a “warmer” organic material. Bronze alloys have been found in result of volcanic activity thousand years ago.

The coexistence of these materials personifies mutual relations of the person and of nature. And I hope, my works exemplifies it.
The scale of my work ranges widely.  I believe each piece can be monumental regardless of size.


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